Good Tracedawn reception by press & fans

tracedawn Some news about these young men most under 20 which does not stop them from playing their hearts out.

The new video “In Your Name” is now online and has got over 6.000 hits already:

Their MySpace profile (“In Your Name” over 14.000 hits already) & website with new graphics and info:

The “In Your Name” video will be one of the four “videos of the week” 4th-11th September in MySpace Germany.

“Ego Anthem” will be the first ever album pre-listening at IRC-Gallery Finland web community (over 500.000 registered users with average age of 20)

Good first Tracedawn reactions in media:

Track plays on rockinvasion which is in www and on the channel imusic1 –
Video to be shown “Hardplay” on austrians videochannel GoMusic

– Some reviews outside Finland: [review 92/1000] [review 8/10]

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