Anna von Hausswolff releases debut album

Anna Von Hausswolff - Press photo

One of the debut album with highest expectations this year is the Swedish artist Anna von Hausswolff. Her album “Singing From The Grave” is set to be released tomorrow, 5th may.

“Everyone who hears Anna von Hausswolff sing, immediately stops, listens and gets touched by her magic. Her voice is that of total expression. Sometimes it caresses you, sometimes it roars up a storm; but it always finds a very special place in your heart.
The voice perfectly combines total knowledge with a wild and natural feeling, reality with romance. …”

Johan Jacobsson

The scheldued release will be followed by a tour:
5/5 Göteborg, Nefertiti [SE]Anna Von Hausswolff - Press photo1
6/5 Köpenhamn, Jazzhouse [DK]
7/5 Malmö, Inkonst [SE]
12/5 Stockholm, Södra Teatern [SE]
14/5 Oslo, Blå [NO]
29/5 Hässleholm, Siesta! [SE]
21/6 Paris, Cetre Culturel Suédois [FR]
23/6 Paris, Paris Town Office [FR]
15/7 Arvika, Arvikafestivalen [SE]
17/7 Jurmo, Island In The Sun [FI]
29-31/7 Östersund, Storsjöyran [SE]
28/8 Borås, Close to Home [SE]


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