Debut video “Quiet” for Playground’s new signing Non Tiq!

Playground Music proudly presents Stockholm based solo artist Non Tiq. Here is the video clip for her first single “Quiet” (out August 9th). Her melodies are captivating with razor-sharp clarity, they are melancholic, yet definitely danceable. Non Tiq’s debut single “Quiet” is a straightforward and nice sample of the upcoming debut album “Love Machine”, due 2011. The video is directed by Mats Udd, also responsible for groundbreaking clips for Jonathan Johansson, Joel Alme, Existensminimum and others.

Addeboy Vs. Cliff, producers of the hit “My Cool” with Adam Tensta, have contributed with a cool remix for the single, as well as electronica pioneers Suck Shaft.  Listen to the remixes here:

Click here to find out more about her!

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