Teron Beal presents his video for “New Girl”!


Playground Music proudly presents Teron Beal‘s solo debut album “Liquor Store” which is released in Scandinavia and Europe at the end of September. Teron’s debut album is a hybrid of gospel/R&B melodies and phrasing poignantly juxtaposed with distorted rock guitar riffs and swishing percussion as Teron candidly examines his thoughts and feelings. Musical diversity is a documented strength of Teron’s, having already penned career-defining gems for artists from Bonnie Raitt and Mya to Jamie Cullum and Michael Jackson.

The video for the single “New Girl” was shot in New York’s Chinatown, directed/produced by Kamisol, who also did the groundbreaking clip for Teron’s first single “Dance At My Funeral”.

Don’t miss the chance to take part in Teron’s “New Girl” remix competition on tracksandfields.com! Find out how it works in the widget below or here.

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