Tobias Fröberg’s Precious on this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy

This week’s episode (part two, season seven) of the U.S. series Grey´s Anatomy features the ballad Precious by the Swedish artist and producer Tobias Fröberg, taken from the album The Big Up. Grey’s Anatomy’s soundtrack is probably the most sought after for an artist today. Partly because of the huge audience, partly because every episode is titled after a featured song.

But it doesn’t end here. Fröberg is also featured on the HBO series Bored To Death’s best-of soundtrack with the song When the Night Turns Cold from his album Somewhere in the City. Other artists on the best-of-album include Lykke Li and M. Ward.

“I’m very happy that they wanted ‘Precious’ for the series and I’m stunned by the massive response to the track”, says Fröberg.

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