Interview: I’m Kingfisher – Birder meets musician


Thomas Jonasson didn’t only pick the name I’m Kingfisher because it’s a cool band name, he also wanted to make a reference to his biggest interest besides music – bird watching. met with Thomas in Falsterbo a couple of weeks ago to discuss his interest in birds and the idea behind his brand new music video “Willing Night Plans” from the upcoming album “Arctic”. This features him running through the woods – dressed up like a bird – and will officially premiere next week.

available on iTunes soon!

“We don’t get out watching birds often enough and it was great we could meet Thomas while he was in Sweden. We enjoyed the video very much. I think nature can be a great inspiration for all sorts of artists.”

Fiona Barclay, BirdGuides

BirdGuides Limited is a British company that produces videos, books and multimedia computer software for birdwatchers. Over the years we have built up what is most probably the world’s most comprehensive library of quality footage of European and American birds and insects. This is made available via our DVDs and software. Find out more about BirdGuides here.

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