Why Ed Harcourt spanked I’m Kingfisher – Watch him play live tonight!

Watch I'm Kingfisher - Thomas Denver Jonsson - play live tonight!

I’m Kingfisher has just finished a fantastic supporting tour for Ed Harcourt. Catch I’m Kingfisher on tour:

17/11  STOCKHOLM (S) @ Fritz Corner, Lilla Hotellbaren (Malmen)  FREE ENTRANCE 9PM

27/11  MALMÖ (S) @ Babel (+ Anna Von Hausswolf)

12/12  TROLLHÄTTAN (S) @ M15

Thomas took some time out of his current tour to quickly talk about his recent support:

I'm Kingfisher - Thomas Denver Jonsson - on tour w/ Ed HarcourtWhat were the crowds like?

“The crowds were broad and super friendly. I felt that the larger venues were a big step up for me, you know, venues you can actually play loud in, it was almost narcotic! I’ve done support shows before and sometimes you can see people talking and seeming disinterested, but it seemed that everybody in the audience on the tour were music lovers. Everyone was right up by the stage, it was really exciting to play.”

What was the most memorable experience?

“I would have to say playing at Debaser Medis. The sound was the best of the tour and it was a nice big venue.”

What was it like to support Ed Harcourt?

“Great, he was a great guy and we got along really well. A very nice and polite guy.”

Any good or bad experiences?

[pro-player type=”mp4″ height=”500″ width=”300″ image=”/images/Ed-Hardcourt-spanks-Im-Kingfisher-3.png”]http://img574.imageshack.us/img574/7363/67272709.mp4[/pro-player]

“Well I got spanked by Ed – I guess that was the best and worst [smiles]. The 19 year old Thomas Jonsson from 11 years ago never thought he would ever be spanked by Ed Harcourt! But to be honest the tour was very well arranged, the promoters were great and the crew was fantastic.”

“4/5 – I’m Kingfisher är verkligen värt att upptäckas.” Joyzine review of his show at Stockholm Debaser Medis

Read the rest of this excellent review of his show here: http://joyzine.se/?p=4474

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