New single by Mandorla

Hailed by one Swedish journalist as making “the Swedish equivalent to The Beach Boys‘s Pet Sounds”, Mandorla return with a brand new single, ‘Heartbeats Away From My Love’. This is the first single from their second album ‘…based on an Idea by Mandorla’, an album which is entirely in English and due out March 2011.

For those who have not heard them before, Mandorla’s Martin Bärjed & Andreas Nyberg have had previous success with their song ‘Bomben’ and have opened regularly for Bärjed’s brothers band The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Here is the best recipe for understanding Mandorla; blend together the psychedelic sound of The Flaming Lips, the sonic landscape of The Beatles and the sophisticated arrangements of The Beach Boys. Then add a dash of Swedish melodic lush and serve to all.

Mandorla – Heartbeats Away From My Love

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