Guest Blogger: I’m Kingfisher – ‘Smile With Your 1000 Teeth’ video premiere!

Smile With Your 1000 Teeth‘ is first and foremost my personal favorite track from Artic. It’s also probably the song I’ve done the most times live. Guitar and vocals were recorded at my producer Carl Edlom’s home, together in one take and Carl later added the organ solo.

I’m really proud to have the great Keith Kenniff contributing various sounds a vocals for the track as well. As a solo artist, Keith works under the aliases Helios and Goldmund and is one of my big favorites from the experimental and ambient music scene. We got in touch through the artist Hollis Brown Thornton who we both know and who also has made cover art for us both, like for my previous album The Lake Acts Like an Ocean.

The video was shot on a snowy day in Malmö in December. It’s directed by Nicholas Wakeham who also made the video for ‘Willing Night Plants‘.

My contribution to planning the video was suggesting black/white photo and coffee.


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