Mirel Wagner New signing – Live in Stockholm!

Playground Music Publishing’s newest signing performs live in Stockholm.

Mirel Wagner + DJ fröken Anna
Saturday 21 May Hökvarteret at Närkesgatan 8, Stockholm

Sometimes all that is needed is a guitar and a voice with its roots from Finland yet firmly planted inspriation from America’s deep south.  All produced indie-style her debut album has been compared to the works of Nick Cave, Nick Drake and the like.

With her bluesy ballads and that enticing vocal character, Mirel takes you to some dark places.  Think of getting lost in the backwoods and or wading in the black swamp of high school.  Already as a 13 year old she discovered blues and began her guitar lessons.

“The interesting thing about the blues is how easy a story can be told for example:  “I woke up this morning and my baby left me”, Mirel Said.

Mirel’s songs are straight on and scaled down to the nerve of what she is trying to say. Sometimes the pictures are not pretty. Like life…

Mirel Wagner’s self-titled debut album is perhaps one of the most critically acclaimed newcomers from Finland 2010.  In light of the fact that she is not another metal act in a long line of great metal acts from Finland, this makes Mirel even more interesting.

Gaffa Magazine gave her album high points and describe her music as ”enchanting vocals and melodies that you can ignore.”   The 21 May she is performing live at på Klubb Mokoma at Högkvarteret in Stockholm.

Fakta Mokoma: The Finnish music scene stretches itself farther than accordian Tangos and heavy metal-goth. There is a thriving and diverse underground scene that is spreading to a larger public. Klubb Mokoma wants to present and provide a forum for great Finnish art and music in Sweden.

LISTEN! Mirel Wagner is on Myspace and Spotify

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