New signing to Playground Music Publishing – Mirel Wagner from Finland!

New signing to Playground Music Publishing – Mirel Wagner from Finland!

Playground Music Publishing has been active in picking up new talent. After huge amount of critically acclaim in her homeland of Finland, Playground Music Publishing signed Mirel Wagener whose debut self-titled album released on Kioski Records has been the rave in the Finnish press.

Remember Bobbie Gentry’s debut album? That album was just her and a guitar and some dark stories. Mirel Wagner comes from the same school there is some Nick Cave meeting Nick Drake as well. Well what we do know is she is from Finland but she is not another metal band. Mirel Wagener whose debut album was released in Finland last month is a singer songwriter of a darker sort. Her music is exposed, raw in a floral bouquet of darkness.

She is a second-cousin to Fleet Foxes, Midlake and such melancholic styles without the country twang. We are talking about one woman with a guitar creating something to deeper and more interesting to say It has those rays of moonshine in the poignant darkness. Already the critic’s darling in her homeland, the radio has picked up on several tracks there. Many have said her song “No Death” is custom made for True Blood TV Series.

Find Mirel Wagner on:

Youtube (a fan filming the concert at Högkvarteret in Stockholm May 23, 2011)



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