I’m Kingfisher’s Thomas Jonsson performing live at the Munich Film Festival!

Swedish Film Institue (SF) has invited Thomas Jonsson aka I’m Kingfisher to perform live at the afterparty of the Film festival premier of the Swedish film “Framtidens Melodi”, (=The Future’s Melody), at the Munich Film Festival SATURDAY 2nd July at a venue called Gasteig.

The whole thing is an evening promoted by the Swedish Film Institute on the public afterparty at the last evening of Munich Film Festival. It starts at 8PM.

The film “Framtidens Melodi” is now distributed by Folkets Bio. The Film features the song “Possession” taken from the Thomas “Denver” Jonsson’s album “Lake Acts Like An Ocean” which was prior to his name change to I’m Kingfisher

“an honest, very charming and moving film about a special friendship between two characters on societies outer edge” Festival del film Locarno

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