New single from The Soft Eyes!


The new single by The Soft Eyes, Young Adult, is a short autobiographical snapshot of Johan Sigerud‘s young adulthood when had just moved to Stockholm from his hometown Sundsvall in northern Sweden. He then spent the days writing beatnick poetry and pop songs, feeding himself at cheap falafel stands, feeling free and confused.

It was in the end of the 90’s and it was by that time he bumped into Daniel Värjö at a Superchunk show. They decided to start a band. At the first rehearsal drummer Linda Hörnqvist, joined the band.

After several homemade CDr-EP’s, and the vinyl EP Living Through Memories, the band released their debut album Let’s Dance To Our Own Beats in 2005 on CD.

Everything was recorded, in true lo-fi spirit, in various apartments and houses around the city and captured on an old 8-channel tape recorder that broke down once in a while.

Since then The Soft Eyes slowly has recorded new songs digitally in their own studio (hi-fi!).

This, along with new influences and visions, has lead to a more modern, electrified sound consisting of more layers and instruments, more beats and bigger differences between the songs.

Young Adult is their most up-beat song up to date. The b-side Drag King is their most atmospheric and dreamy so far.

But their trademarks are intact: strong and varm melodies and a feeling of spontaneous intamacy.

The Soft Eyes has been released in UK, USA and Thailand. Amongst the releases is a CD on the lovely Fence Records in Scotland and also several indie compilations.

Young Adult will be released digitally the 13th of June on Instant Feelings/Playground. More singles/EPs will be out this autumn/winter.

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Written about The Soft Eyes:

“Those who find it difficult to remain upright while listening to the purr of William Oldham could safely make a drive tape containing these tracks. Promise”

“They also played an almost a cappella cover of When You Sleep by My Bloody Valentine. It was a really great atmosphere, seemed so simply done.”

“Homespun, like the quaint needlepoint which graces the cover art The Soft Eyes’ debut is all about lo-fi melancholy pop, intimate indoorsy folk, songs created shoulder-to-shoulder on comfy couches, bumping knees at kitchen tables, and crammed into tiny rehearsal rooms.”

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