Weekly Recommended Releases v.13

GOLDFINGER & SCRIPT FEAT. LILY Minou – Dancing in My Head

Behind the name Goldfinger & Script’ll you will find two of Sweden’s hottest songwriters and producers. After working closely with artists and songwriters such as Le Kid, Velvet, Lutricia McNeal, Alcazar, Magnus Carlsson, Eric Saade, BWO vocalist MartinRolinski, Arasi (number 1 on album charts in Japan), FT Island (Top 10 Korean artist) , Mimi Oh, Linda Sundblad, Randy Goodrum, Andreas Lundstedt, Daria (X-Factorwinner Kazakhstan), Vacuum, Infernal (successful Danish dansakt), Japanesesuperstar Kumi Koda and girl band DREAM + Norwegian Rikke Lie as well as Norwegian Idol winner Jenny Langlo and others it is now time to become artistst themselves. This is the duo’s alter ego, where they will make exactly the kind of music they want to hear on dance floors and radio stations worldwide. The debut single see’s rising star Lily Minou from Stockholm as the vocalist along with writing from former Swedish Idol Finalist Elin Blom.


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