We Proudly Present: Poet’s of the Fall

Poets of the Fall

Poet’s of the Fall new Album released yesterday.

Here’s the story: The singer Marko, guitarist Olli and keyboardist
Captain began their musical adventure in 2003 Marko sold everything he
owned, moved in with his ​​parents along with their and along with their friends Olli and Captain they were able to invest in their true love, music.
They built Captains living room into a studio where they could record and
produce music and turned Ollis old car into the office. This
resulted in their first gold record. After selling gold and platinum
of the last four discs Poets Of The Fall are doing it once again with the band’s fifth album “Temple Of Thought”. The new album shows Markos strong, sweet and melodic voice
meeting really good rock songs.

A Fun fact for all computer game lovers, they have reached millions of listeners through their songs participated in the computer game Max Payne, Alan Wake.

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