Sofie Livebrant composes poems by Emily Dickinson.

For the singer, musician and composer Sofie Livebrant Emily Dickinson’s poetry played an important role. So important in fact that she is now releasing a new album where she composes poems of Dickinson’s works. Discover Emily and I!

Emily Dickinson’s poems have echoed in me since 2008, when I got her poetry book The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson 1775 poems. She is to me a woman / American / Buddhist version of Dan Anderson. Her themes include nature, death and alienation.

I have selected many poems about death for the album, but also other themes like “to do their own thing” and “finding home” have been looked into. I have set music to many of Emily’s poems and they have been songs with earthy, simple melodies of popular Swedish / American style, ethereal, dark and bright at the same time.

Sofie Livebrant is most acclaimed for her Grammy-winning compositions with lyrics by Dan Andersson, and vocals of Sofia Karlsson. And her debut CD “From Here to Here” 2010 (Playground), but she is also prized for its choral and theater music.

Take a look at the here page to hear Sophie say about the disc, read the poems in the book and listen to the music!

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