This Week’s recommended releases V.15

Each week we recommend amazing releases which you can not miss. This week it’s all about Lena Swanberg, three remixed versions of Ace of Base’s world-famous hits and Easy is to make a strong comeback.

Lena Swanberg
Lena Swan’s songs feel as if they emerged at night, when the phones died away, the notes sounds clearer and it’s easier to find words for feelings and reflections.Some harmonies pull in the pop, others to jazz and blues. There is also a contrasting darkness that follows the journey of growing up in Hälsingland to hell and back … 

Ace of Base
Ace of Base probably needs no introduction. One of Sweden’s best-selling bands of all time, which now provides three remixed versions of Whenever You’re Near Me, All That She Wants and Happy Nation. iTunes has a week of exclusive rights, so hurry there! Are you more hungry for a trip down memory lane, look here and if you want to know when your favorite release, read here .

, when the Swedish band Easy got a contract with the English label Blast First, 1990, British journalists column kilometers on the cheeky Swedes who showed the English the origin of the best pop music. Back home in Sweden knew the journalists didn’t know what to think. The elderly were put off, while younger realized that Easy sound was as good as it was written. When Easy gathered for a comeback gig in connection with the twentieth anniversary of the first album, they decided to start working on a new album. On “Popcorn Graffiti” which is heard as an Easy melodic, more exciting, kaxigare and better than ever albmun.

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