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Each week we recommend the latest amazing releases you cannot miss. This week, “the Reigning Queen of the Swedish electro scene”, Mayka , hip-hop’s future, Adam Kanyama and Magnus Ekelund which, according to Mattias Alkberg has made “the most magnificent pop song ever made in this country.” In addition, a A Lanky Swede , the lead singer of The Perishers is back with a solo project and three new remixed versions of Ace of Base’s Do not Turn Around, Beautiful Life, and Hallowell Hallo.

Even Dr. Alban remixed, it’s time for a second package of remixes of Dr. Albans singles Freedom. This time, drag it to dubstep, dub and house, with new remixes by Mr. Bubble Head, Andalo, Suck Shaft, Snow Job and Eric Emanon. Listen here .

MAYKA – Bonanza (Style of Eye Remix)
Maja Edelbring is Mayka, a young female producer, songwriter, artist and DJ who was recently labeled “the Reigning Queen of the Swedish electro scene” for her important and established music blog Discobelle. She has in the past two years, set dance floors on fire in both Sweden and abroad with her own special blend of house and electronica with influences from world music, epic drums and classic film soundtracks … Creative extraordinary, passionate and driven which paid dividends to her debut single with lots of love from the blogosphere, DJ’s around the world and even Swedish P3 had the single playing in the various specialty shows. We just got into this amazing remix of Style of Eye, one of the biggest dance music exports, and now we are so ready to share with you.
Listen here!

ADAM Kanyama – The Golden Child
Adam Kanyama is the future of Hip-Hop Jason from “Timbuktu” Diakité, expressed when  he handed Adam the 2012 Grammy in the category of Hip-Hop/Soul. And many seem to agree with him. In addition to the appearance of the Grammy Awards in 2012, Adam has also managed to win the Nordic rap competition Rap it Up and had a half-hour live special produced by PSL-editors on national television broadcast April 24.
No artist in the genre have created the same expectations as Adam, who now makes his debut with the single The Golden Child. Refrain sung by sensation Sabina Ddumba inter alia performed with Jenny Wilson as part of Tensta Gospel Choir.
Adam is a timeless artist whose energy and language has enormous potential.

Magnus Ekelund grew up in Jokkmokk and now lives in Luleå. His lyrics have dramatic message of love and survival, and they are often about his dual relationship with his Sami heritage. In May, “The defintiva Train” was released, Ekelund’s second album under his own name after last year’s “Black Flag”.
Black Flag was preceded by the single Without You. A duet with Jacob Young who was the first sign of life from Poplegenden for many years. Magnus Ekelund also appeared on Mattias Alkbergs critically acclaimed album “anarchists”.
Mattias Alkberg says about The permanent Train,” It is the grandest pop song ever made in this country. And better than all the other magnificent rock records around the world.” “Every feeling arrives as if it were a new sensation. And the music backs up this grandiose ambition. It’s epic and it is tempting to describe it in terms of authenticity and Born to Run … ” This week we release the EP “Supernova”, the album The Definitive The drive comes on 16/5.

A Lanky Swede
With his band The Perishers Ola Klüft tires of the spotlight, the big stadiums and expensive musical productions. When he comes back after some years of silence, he does it in his own way: by myself. Solo project “A Lanky Swede “, is a deliberate counterpoint to the grandeur and inflated. A courageous journey back to the cellar rooms where it all began. After ten years together, The Perishers took a well deserved break. Ola Klüft followed love and got a little lost in the big city of Vancouver, Canada. Here, after many long walks in Stanley Park’s forest, A Lanky Swede began to take shape.
The disc “Soon, soon, soon …” is a tribute to the simple, raw and unadorned beauty. It is mostly filmed in Ola’s own cellar, at night when the city’s noise died away for the day. The result is a thoughtful and honest album about the life-long love, homesickness and the difficult art of following your heart. It’s simply great music made by a single available man.
See the acoustic video for Downhill here .
The album “Soon, Soon, Soon …” released May 22.

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