Lena Swanberg releases her new album “The Art Of Staying Young & Unhurt”

Lena Swanberg

The Art of Staying Young & Unhurt, the newly released album by Lena Swanberg is receiving rave reviews, and rightly so.

Watch the video interview with Lena here.

“Lena Swanberg has a nerve in her music, a musicality in her voice and a fearlessness of darkness that makes one think of Tim Buckley. Some tracks, among them a duet with Christian Kjellvander, point towards something really great.”
Jan Gradvall, Di Weekend

”The experienced and jazz rooted Lena Swanberg makes her solo debut with a bag full of powerful songs from her own pen and it sounds as if she has got a grip on all her possibilities. Pop and jazz colour the mostly calm, sad songs and the arrangements are altered in small ways – pedal steel glitter is strewn over ”Pilgrim Season”, the duet with Christian Kjellvander smells of French accordion walz and the chorus of ”Dream On” sounds as if borrowed from ”Dark Side of the Moon”, with an additional John Entwhistle bass line.”

”Lena Swanberg moves in a musical landscape that is hard to define. Richard Kranz’s pedal steele gives that obligatory Americana-colour but that does not stop the music from sometimes reaching the same heights as Joni Mitchells productions from the 70s. Like in the totally wonderful song Dream On.”

”I like the consistent acoustic sound, from the cracked intro to the last track’s shuffling dance. The album stays, no matter if Swanberg pulls out the scene jazz where she has laid her roots, or if she finds herself doing Americana carried out by guitars.”
Dagens Nyheter

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