M83 releases new EP and video for Reunion


After the success “Midnight City”, (more than 500 000 singles sold worldwide),  the “Reunion” EP will be released on may 28th.

Reunion is the second single to be taken from critically acclaimed album “Hurry up we’re dreaming”.

A new video directed by Manu & Fleur is coming soon. It is the continuation from Midnight City.

Click here to watch the teaser.

The EP will contain 6 exclusive remixes from The Naked And Famous, Mylo, We Have Band, Sei A, Polly Scattergood and White Sea.

Mylo leads the ‘Reunion’ remix charge with his trademark funky synth bass lines and beats cleverly weaved into the spaced out original vocal track to create a contradiction of sounds and another potential hit for M83.

Sei A, the up and coming Glasgow based producer, is hailed as one of the most exciting producers in the techno-house scene, and has given ‘Reunion’ a glimpse of Glaswegian industrialism through his loop filled minimalistic mix.

The White Sea remix is a spaced out dubstep nugget, whilst The Naked And Famous take an altogether different route with their rework by building the track into an electronic cacophony of synths, guitars and drums, much the way M83 do performing live.

To pre order, follow this link.

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