This week’s recommended releases

Smith & Thell Kill It With Love

Each week we recommend new releases that we think you should check out. This week we have two acts from our new dance/electro/house label Uniform Beat, as well as new material from Norra Kust and Fredrik Furu.

Through Uniform Beat the duo Smith & Thell released their new single “Kill It With Love” which immediately climbed straight up to a first place finish on the iTunes electronic list. Uniform Beat also released remixed version of Goldfinger & Script feat. Lily Minou “Dancing in my head.”

Smith & Thell
Let us introduce Mary Jane Smith and Victor Alexander Thell. Also much more abbreviated known as Smith & Thell. Together, they have now embarked on a journey where they managed to find a unique touch to start from where the hard, electronic and club-oriented pop music meets Mary’s delicate and distinctive voice in perfect balance. After a year of songwriting and experimentation in the studio, we are now ready to introduce the duo to the masses by means of the single “Kill it with love.”
Listen here.

Goldfinger & Script feat. Lily Minou
Behind the name Goldfinger & Script you’ll find two of Sweden’s hottest songwriters and producers. After working closely with artists and songwriters for several years and had numerous hits, it’s now time to become artists themselves. This is the duo’s alter ego, where they will do exactly the kind of music they want to hear on dance floors and radio stations worldwide.
Listen here.

Norra Kust

Norra Kust t is a duo from the very north of Sweden who make rhythmic pop without choruses. The music evokes the strange beauty of Arthur Russell and the broadcasts of incidence wealth. It sounds like Prefab Sprouts songs accompaniment founded by Klaus Schulze’s sentiments in Brian Eno’s universe. The upcoming album is mixed by Mattias Glavå (Anna Järvinen, Hakan Hellstrom, Broder Daniel, and others). Duo’s vocalist / guitarist also plays with Mattias Alkberg and the Park Hotel.
Listen here.

Fredrik Furu

“Om du bara vill” is the first single from ‘Mittemellanland’, the second album of Fredrik Furu,  where he offers songs with a modern popsound. The record tells us, among other things, how it is like to grow up between two countries and two languages. The album, recorded in Los Angeles, reflects a young adult man’s struggle between extremes. The desire for excitement and pulse is set against the lack of security and harmony. Tour in the summer and autumn.
Read more about Furu here.

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