Magnus Ekelund

Every week we give you tips on new releases that we think you should check out. This week’s stars are Magnus Ekelund and Uniform Beat artist Andalo. In addition, there are now all remixed versions of Ace of Base songs out there, read more about it below.

Magnus Ekelund grew up in Jokkmokk and now lives in Luleå. His lyrics have dramatic message of love and survival, but they are often about his dual relationship with his Sami heritage. In May he released Defintiva Drevet, Ekelund’s second album under his own name after last year’s Black Flag. During the spring / summer, he will complete over 50 gigs – both in his own shows, as well as opening act for Jacob Young and Mattias Alkberg on their tours.


Behind the name Andalo we find the established dance music producer Anders Nyman. He got his big break in 2008 as a member of the Guru Josh Project, which took the world by storm with the release of single “Infinity 2008″ which sold more than 3 million singles worldwide, and that kept him busy as a live performer, DJ , remixer and producer. The group broke up in 2010, Anders began working on various solo projects and went on to remix and produce for others and then to include Boy George, Dr. Alban, Loreen, Guru Project, Southside House Collective and many more. Andalo is a new project, with Anders hoping to conquer the world rankings and dance floors with his personal sound.

Listen here.

Ace of Base

Every Monday at the end of March, throughout April and early May we have released exclusive remixes of Ace of Base ‘most famous songs’. Now they are all here for you to enjoy! If you want to learn more about the songs that were released, the full list is below.
Listen to the Unspeakable – Junk & Function/M12 Radio Mix here!

Travel to Romantis (The Remixes)
Unspeakable (The Remixes)
Wheel of Fortune  (The Remixes)
Whenever You’re Near Me (The Remixes)
All That She Wants (The Remixes)
Happy Nation (The Remixes)
The Sign (The Remixes)
Cruel Summer (The Remixes)
Living in Danger (The Remixes)
Don’t Turn Around (The Remixes)
Beautiful Life (The Remixes)
Hallo Hallo (The Remixes)
Life Is A Flower (The Remixes)
Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry (The Remixes)
Lucky Love (The Remixes)
C’est La Vie (Always 21) / Everytime It Rains (The Remixes)

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