New Video from Hot Chip!

Hot Chip will present the video for first single from the forthcoming LP, In Our Heads (released June 11). Peter Serafinowicz has directed video containing performances by Terence Stamp, Reggie Watts, Lara Stone, and of course Hot Chip.

“Many animals were harmed During the making of this video. Regrettably, none of Them made ​​the final edit” – Peter Serafinowicz.

Check the video here.

Night And Day, is to be released June 4, it’s “a piece of classic Hot Chip weird-ass super funk disco, driven by a menacing yet Supremely dance printable rubberized bassline. It’s the sound of Prince would be making had he grown up just south of the Thames. It’s Zap not Zappa. ”
Pre-order on iTunes here.


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