Recommended Releases V.21


Each week we give you tips on new releases that we believe you should check out. This week, “the Reigning queen of Swedish electronica,” Mayka is releasing a single “Lie” and Finn Loxbo who sounds like Bon Iver if he were from Askersund … Furthermore, Dr. Alban’s single Loverboy has already gathered momentum thanks to a teaser video that circulated on Facebook. This week will see the release of a two track single, and a remix EP in a few weeks. Remix were created by Andalo, Erik Decks, Promostella and Hewie. You can still see the teaser here and samples from the new remix, you can see here.

Maja Edelbring is Mayka, one of Sweden’s most promising young artists, producers and DJ’s in modern dance music. Earlier this year She released her debut single “Bonanza,” which entered studentradio-music charts, and was played extensively by the Music Wizard gang at P3 and the influential music blog Discobelle. She has been labelled “the Reigning Queen of Swedish electronica …”. She also continues to play as a DJ at the biggest and coolest clubs and after parties. Established Swedish dance producer Style of Eye is so impressed by Mayka that he recently remixed the debut single “Bonanza” … this will now follow up what we believe will brighten up any dance floor during summer of 2012. Also includes a vocal version of “Bonanza” as a bonus.

FINN LOXBO – Lines, Curtains

Finn Loxbo has one foot in an earthy songwriter tradition and other foot on Harry Martinson’s Aniara spacecraft – en route from the dying Earth in the dark, endless. We are dealing with an amazing songwriter who mastered their art closest to the fullest. Fantastic tunes hammered out on acoustic guitar and quirky, fearless pieces sung poetry, skriks, whispered up with a meandering voice, sometimes in English, sometimes in nerkiska (think Bon Iver from Askersund). Around this is an acoustic, dense soundscape.

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