New signing announcement – Follow Him To The End Of The Desert

Follow Him To The End Of The Desert

Follow Him To the End Of the Desert is a rapper from the insustrial town of Borlänge in the deep woods of Dalecarlia, Sweden. He is probably the only act of his kind in the Nordic, maybe Europe. He´s done shows in Scandinavia at places like Debaser Slussen(SWE), Roskilde Festival(DK), Nalen(SWE) Peace and Love Festival(SWE), Loppen Christiania(DK) etc.
Though the wolf-debate is important to him it´s still the music that keeps him driven and after e few 12″ EP´s and mixtapes it is now time for the first single “Time to Die” from his upcoming album “The Dalecarlian Book of the Dead” which drops in October. The album features Peter Dolving(The Haunted), Prop Dylan, Henry Bowers etc. And productions by Snowgoons, Logophobia, That Swedish Guy, Efrik etc.

The single is like a soundtrack to every dream or nightmare you had about killing someone you hate. This is music for the funeral of all the wolf haters who themselves have taken many lives, if not directly then indirectly. Follow Him To The End Of The Desert plays at Peace & Love June 1. The disc comes in the fall includes guest artists such as Peter Dolving (The Haunted), Prop Dylan, Henry Bowers, etc. and works by including Snowgoons, Logophobia, That Swedish Guy & Efrik.

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