Recommended releases w. 23

March to a Uniform Beat Vol.01

Each week we recommend new releases that we think you’ll look more closely at. This week: a Uniform Beat compilation, synthpop band SPOCK also release a compilation and Paul Rudd gives his version of the classic 80’s hit “Set Me Free”.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – March to a Uniform Beat Vol.01
Let us introduce the first collection plate from the Swedish electronic dance music label Uniform Beat. This collection contains 16 unique and previously completely unreleased songs by artists on Uniform Beat and other artists / producers close to the family on the way up. From progressive house to commercial electro / pop. Smith & Thell, Mayka, Materikaa, Arty Move, Örnsberg, Emma Bates, Rebel Rebel, Snow Job, and others.
Listen to a sample here!

SPOCK – Another Piece of the Action: The Best of the Subspace Years
Sweden’s most successful synthpop band SPOCK dropped plates every two years for little more than a decade ago. Now they are invited to North America’s largest synth festival Kinetics and then excellently suited to present a brilliant collection plate in a market where the material had previously been inaccessible. Nowadays, a large part of Spock’s catalog end a long time, so of course we will release the collection at home as well.

PAUL RUDD – Set Me Free 2012
Paul Rudd have in recent years established itself as one of the new rising stars on the UK progressive house scene to keep an eye on. Here, he takes full advantage of the classic 80’s hit “Set Me Free” and have even managed to get the original artist and singer Jaki Graham back in the studio for new song. The original version was a Top 10 hit when it was released in 1986 and we hope to recreate the success again for a new generation.

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