Recommended releases w. 25

Non Tiq - Quiet (Tonique Remix)

We have three releases we want to tell you about this week, all from our dance label Uniform Beat.

Hakan Lidbo featuring Jessica & Cleo takes on Leila Ks 90s hit song “Electric,” Tonique remixes Non Tiqs “Quiet” and ARD celebrates classic house music.

Håkan Lidbo – Electric (feat. Jessica & Cleo)
Håkan Lidbo is one of Sweden’s most distinguished and internationally renowned electronic producer with over 250 releases around the world. Here he takes on one of the better-known singles from Leila K and invites original singer Jessica Folcker to sing the chorus again and new rap sensation Cleo who provides a whole new artistic angle to the song. “Electric” was performed with the trio on stage in the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year.


NON TIQ – Quiet (Tonique Remix)
Non Tiqs debut single “Quie”t, remixed by Dutch DJ / producer duo Tonique. The song has bubbled on since its release a year ago, with a number of remixes and videos it’s growing steadily on YouTube, now nearly with a million views. This fall we’re looking forward to hear some new material from Non Tiq.


A.R.D – Love Is In Your Heart
ARD is the dynamic and energetic combination of the female Danish DJ / producer duo Delicious and soul vocalist, songwriter and producer Andy Roda. In this explosive meeting they give us the ultimate tribute to the classic old New York and Chicago house music from the late 80s and early 90s, who may have started as a dance floor anywhere.


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