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LINKOBAN – Super Into On It
Linkoban is a new, strong rap talent. Her first single “Like This” came out earlier this year, and next week she’ll be on stage at this year’s Roskilde Festival. Linkoban combines raw energy and psychological warfare, both lyrically and performance wise. She started writing music during her stay in London, and this quickly developed into full scale music making. Upon returning to Copenhagen, she contacted Lucy Love and producer Yo Akim, who were both immediately convinced.

In October last year, Linkoban was on stage for the first time, as a warm-up act for Lucy Love. ”Like This” has been played everywhere and brought Linkoban to play live in numerous clubs, venues and street parties in Denmark, Sweden and England. Besides her obvious equilibristic skills on a mic, her crazy stage performances leave her audience in ecstacy.

Check it out!

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