Erato – It’s Not My Fault I’m Happy

Erato_Passion Pit

Last Winter, Erato got a call from Michael Angelakos, the singer of Passion Pit, begging them to come over and sing on the group’s new album. The girls went to New York and ended up doing three piece harmony on seven tracks on the album Gossamer, released in July. Now, Erato has made doing their own special acoustic version of one of the songs, “It’s not my fault I’m happy”, recorded live in one take, and captured on a beautiful video clip, now up on YouTube.

Digital single will be released July 30th.

Erato became an instant YouTube success with their cover of Robyns “Call Your Girlfriend“.

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  1. Teresa Barth

    I would love to hear more from Erato. I love their music. I have watch ever thing I can on them on youtube and purchased the three songs on I tunes. When are they coming out with more music.

    Great wonderful sound

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