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Dragonette album cover

Dragonette – Live in This City
Dragonette is without a doubt one of the most interesting and influential electropop bands in the world and they´ve kept surprising us since their start back in 2005. And now, after the incredible global success they had with the single “Hello” where they collaborated with producer Martin Solveig, all eyes are on the band and what´s next musically. And they won´t let us down! This trio (that consists of vocalist Martina and her partners Dan and Joel) have been back in the lab cooking up something really special and that will be heard in the single “Live In This City” that´s being released August 7. An amazing poptune that incorporates bith punkrock and electronica and with a chorus that will leave us all singing it over and over and over again. Uniform Beat and Playground Music is now the exclusive licensepartner for the band across Scandinavia, Iceland and the Baltic States.


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