“Face To The Sky” is the second track to be aired from the forthcoming album Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood (released October 1st). Its craftsmanship and artfulness belies the unparalleled career experience of John Cale, this is rock music at its most sublime. Of its conception, Cale has said,

“I was really into some swirling strings and rhythms for this, but I didn’t want it to end up being too complete.  I started this with a keyboard riff that seemed impossible to play and then from there I began layering with the idea of really breaking up the comfort level with things that poke out of the track to never quite let you settle in.”

The mark was truly hit with this tightly woven fabric of melodies and noises so wonderfully elusive that unpacking its contents will occupy the ear until the album release and beyond.
The single is backed with the sparse and tender ‘Living With You (Organic Mix)’ which is a contender for an A side of its own.
‘Face To The Sky’ iTunes link here:

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