Behind the artist name Mariam the Believer is Mariam Wallentin, who has already made a name for herself as on of this decades most interesting vocalists in the minimalistic duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums, who has met international success and been praised by media.

Mariam’s own words, describing Mariam the Believer

I thought: Alice Coltrane, Mark Hollis, sand and pistachio nuts. String theory, blood and to balance on your nerves. Francis Bacon, doubts and issues, the physical and the carnal mixed with what floats over, around us. Sister Rosetta Tharpe and that proverb that’s been following me lately: ‘hope is the last to die’.

BLOOD DONATION is also about
To be in the dark, wanting the light.
To learn how to give without demanding anything in return.
Wanting to challenge the world, and yourself.
But really, I probably just want the record to feel like something you’ve dug up from the dark ground.

Wanted to begin playing electric guitar, so got myself a cream white Gibson in New York and started this project, started my own label Repeat Until Death, ‘cause this is what I’ll do until I die. Every new creative project feels as if starting all over, yet at the same time this is where I’m always trying to reach, to reach the core of everything.

– Mariam Wallentin

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