Lars Bygdén or is releasing a brand new video for the song “Hole” which was the opener his critically acclaimed 2012 album “LB”. Now it’s time for Lars to be heard outside the borders of Sweden.

With the release of Lars Bygdén’s third solo album “LB” came the breakthrough he deserved for so long.

The album has been praised by a unanimous swedish body of critics and been described as americana better than the Americans themselves make it.

Together with a top-notch band and the producer Tobias Froberg they reach heights that even makes the self-critical skeptic Bygdén satisfied.

See the video below

Press quotes

”With ’LB’ Lars Bygdén makes his strongest album yet”

8/10 – Pierre Hellqvist, Sonic

“Swedish americana doesn’t get any better”

4/5- Markus Larsson, Aftonbladet

“’LB’ is smashingly good, but also homiletic in way that makes it jejunely to try and put in to words. It must be heard”

5/5 – Värmlands Folkblad

”It’s a formidable album”

– Nils Hansson, Dagens Nyheter

”Pristine and professional, dark and moving without being overly sentimental, it perfectly compliments the oncoming winter nights.”

7/10 –

”A grand and rich album that’s not a least bit sprawling but razor sharp and surgical drills it’s way down into the body”


”Bygdén’s true expression seems to have fallen into place and the album holds all the way through.”

4/5 – Arbetarbladet

”Lars Bygdén has for long been an artist that not so many have heard about, but with the new release ”LB”, chances are that a bigger audience will hear about him.”

4/5 – Ikon

”I appreciate artists that with obvious effort moves their music a little bit upward for every record. Lars Bygdén is one of them.”

4/5 – Göteborgs-Posten

”For long Lars Bygdén have mostly been a concern for a spare crowd, but now I wonder if the breakthrough on a wider scale is bound to come. Because LB is by far the best Lars have done, both melody- and lyric wise.”

4/5 – Sundsvalls Tidning

“Epic loneliness and fragile chords of divorce.”

– Kupé

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