The idea for Black Trip goes back all the way to 2003. Black Trip has created a big media stir in their native Sweden, and this before their debut album has even been released!
Peter Stjärnvind, a veteran of the Swedish metal scene, and a former drummer for (amongst others) Entombed, Nifelheim and Merciless was hanging out with his good friend and fellow drummer Daniel Bergqvist (ex Wolf) when the two decided to start a band with the name of Black Trip. They wanted this band to build on the music and sounds of all the bands they both grew up with. Stjärnvind traded in his drums for the guitar and set to writing and recording a few tracks.
Unfortunately the whole project came to a halt, and nothing ever became of the idea of Black Trip. Fast forward until 2011, and backstage at a festival in Germany Stjärnvind got to talking with the guitarist for Enforcer and Corrupt, Joseph Tholl. As they were discussing who was their favourite NWOBHM-singer of all times, Tholl acknowledged that he’d long had ambitions to start singing in a band. That was it! Black Trip was alive again and Tholl was the new singer.
The band recorded yet another demo and also released a 7” single. By this time the foundation for the Black Trip sound had matured; Peter Stjärnvind’s raw and unpolished riffs and Joseph Tholl’s amazing bluesy rock voice created the perfect canvas for Black Trip.
The band was completed by Sebastian Ramstedt (ex-Nifelheim) on guitar, Johan Bergebäck (ex-Nifelheim) on bass and finally Jonas Wikstrand on the drums. Unfortunately Daniel Bergqvist who co-founded the band with Stjärnvind could not join the band due to a shoulder injury.
The debut album “Goin’ Under” will be released by Threeman Recordings/Playground Music on October 23rd. In the true spirit of NWOBHM there’s not one single filler on the album, each and every track is a killer song in its own right. All songs are written by Stjärnvind and Tholl, and the influences couldn’t be more clear; it’s the classic NWOBHM bands such as Iron Maiden and Saxon, whose heavy riffs have always been paired with an impeccable sense of melody, but there’s also a hint of the slightly bluesier sensibilities of Thin Lizzy and the dirty attitude of the 70’s era Scorpions. Black Trip pay both homage and respect to the classic metal sound, but they most certainly take it in their own direction and make this sound their own.
The first single off of “Goin’ Under” is “Radar” which will be given away to all subscribers of Sweden Rock Magazine with their late October issue. A release party and gig will take place a club Pussy A Go Go in Stockholm on October 25th.
Black Trip are now aiming for world domination and several gigs, festival appearances and tours are in the pipeline for 2013 and 2014. Make sure to check out the album that Expressen (Sweden’s second biggest daily paper) has announced as “…this year’s best heavy metal album…”.

Black Trip is:
Peter Stjärnvind – guitar
Joesph Tholl – vocals
Sebastian Ramstedt – guitar
Johan Bergebäck – bass

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