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Five Fridays forward, we will show you exclusive live sets with the rock duo NOFORKS.

Check out the first video here and read more about the band below.

NOFORKS is Leo Guzman and Magnus Almqvist, at first glance an odd couple from completely different walks of life but at a closer inspection a perfect combo, a dynamic duo that both challenge and complete each other.

Leo Guzman (guitar and vocals) was born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina. After a rather successful music career in his home country the technical wiz Guzman took on the role as a producer for a Spanish band in Madrid. During his time in Spain he met a Swedish girl and since 2009 he’s been living in Sweden.

Guzman started NOFORKS shortly after his arrival in Sweden. He quickly discovered that the key to the perfect sound was to keep the number of members of the band down to a bare minimum – namely two.

In recent years, NOFORKS have played extensively around Sweden and also won several music contests, for example Manifest On Tour 2011, a feat that also got the band their recording contract with Playground Music.

When Guzman suddenly found himself without a drummer in 2012 he was introduced to Magnus Almqvist by a mutual friend and everything fell into place. The sound was suddenly bigger and wilder; with Almqvist in the band NOFORKS reached a whole new level. With the right amplifiers and effect pedals Guzman makes one guitar sound like ten while Almqvist makes the drums explode with his custom-built drum kit, the bigger toms and deeper bass drum easily compensating for the absence of a bass guitarist.

The drummer Magnus Almqvist started his musical career on the Latin music scene. Educated in Cuba at the prestigious Centro Superior de Escuelas de Arte, and with an open musical mindset; he has got the ability to think outside genres and gather wildly different influences.

Guzman describes NOFORKS’ music as “Power Soul Rock”. The duos connection to Latin-American culture is an important cornerstone and a common denominator, with wide-open senses, a burning passion and an absence of limitations and inhibitions. “Magnus understands me in a way that most people don’t. If I describe how something should sound he can take that and add influences I never could imagine”, says Guzman.

Leo Guzman plays what comes to mind, trying his way forward with wild combinations of ideas and influences. An unapologetic love for some of the biggest icons in rock music provides an endless source of inspiration. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Police, U2, Nirvana, Perl Jam, Foo Fighters to name a few. Magnus Almqvist brings ideas from completely different sources, genres like jazz, salsa and pop.

It’s live that the duo really shines with explosive stage shows. It’s not about getting on stage and performing a song, it’s about channelling emotions. Feelings of joy, sadness, anger and euphoria engulfs the audience. It’s a potent and unpredictable mix that excites the senses and quickens the pulse – rock music for all the faculties: head, heart and feet.


“We have no limits, our goal is to become the best!” laughs Leo. “But most important is that the music is our own, creating hits isn’t something we do intentionally, we’re just happy that people like what we do”.



Leo Guzman – vocals, guitar

Magnus Almqvist – drums

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