Temper2 has signed an international recording deal with Uniform Beat!


Finnish EDM group Temper2 has signed an international recording deal with Playground Music’s sublabel Uniform Beat. Temper2’s single Creator, which mixes rap vocals to various styles of modern electronic music, stayed in the Finnish Dance Chart’s Top 40 list for seven weeks in a row. It will be released in the other Nordic and Baltic Countries on February 28th.

Watch the video for Creator:

Temper2 has recently signed a booking deal with Rähinä Live (Robin, Krista Siegfrieds, Fintelligens etc.) and is touring clubs and events throughout the spring.

The trio, which garnered praise from internationally respected DJ Mag magazine, was officially founded in the spring of 2013, but collaboration between the band members started over ten years ago. Vocalist Suvi Valkonen previously worked under the name of Yavis releasing her debut album in 2001, and featured on Temper2 producer Markus Rauramo’s tracks. Later on, Suvi continued her career with Finnish superproducer Jaakko Salovaara (JS16) in Kendi. Markus Rauramo and DJ Kasper Sjöholm’s paths first crossed in 2009 in pursuance of a club concept called FADE. As they shared the same musical vision, the two men joined their ambitions and started touring clubs with their shared DJ set. The original idea was to use several guest singers, but after noticing Suvi fit in perfectly, they decided to ask her to join the group full time.

Temper2’s first single Vision Quest was published in August 2013 and brought the group to the attention of all electronic music lovers. Their second single Creator sealed the deal making Temper2 one of the biggest domestic breakthroughs in electronic music in 2013.






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