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This Christmas, Simian Ghost release a new three track EP, to give away during one weeks time, starting the 24th of December.

The first track is the nine minutes long song Autumn Slowmo (For the Dejected Realist), previously only available for download together with a t-shirt.
The following tracks, Sunday and Dizzy Spells, are brand new.
Sebastian Arnström comments the EP-release: “We have decided to make an official release of the song Autumn Slowmo, together with two other songs. We will make it a christmas gift like a small, but a well-meaning consolation due to our tour cancellation in England this December.”

Simian Ghost will be touring and recording a new album in Spring 2013. Read more...

Simian Ghost Gets Loads Of Love From England!

Simian Ghost from Gävle, signed to Playground Music Scandinavia and Playground Music Publishing early 2011. Shortly after the band were licensed to Heist Or Hit Records in the UK and released the EP “Lovelorn” and re-released their first album “Infinite Traffic Everywhere”. The English press is now showing them loads of love. Check out a couple of quotes… Read more...

UK Radio is on Simian Ghost!

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