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Welcome to Playground Music Scandinavia page. We have many great singer-songwriters who do their version of Americana which we like to call Scandicana!

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SOFIE LIVEBRANT           LENA SWANBERG           LARS BYGDÉN…

Sofie Livebrant composes poems by Emily Dickinson.

For the singer, musician and composer Sofie Livebrant Emily Dickinson’s poetry played an important role. So important in fact that she is now releasing a new album where she composes poems of Dickinson’s works. Discover Emily and I!

Emily Dickinson’s poems have echoed in me since 2008, when I got her poetry book The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson 1775… Read more...

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Discover The Sound Of Sweden with Playground Music’s stunning new compilation!

Playground Music proudly presents the first in a series of compilations entitled, Discover The Sound Of Sweden, featuring some of the best Swedish music you’ve never heard! It contains 20 of the freshest and catchiest songs around with tracks from Read more...