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Playground TV: Teron Beal live in Stockholm

Watch live footage from Teron Beal’s latest shows in Stockholm


Teron Beal, who recently released his critically acclaimed debut album ”Liquor Store” (P.O.P.E./Playground) is currently touring France. Take a look at footage from his two shows in Sweden at Strand (11/9) and Berns (11/12), and get an idea of how much fun he and the crowd had!

Two opportunities to see Teron Beal play live in Stockholm!


American citizen and Sweden loving Teron Beal has just released his debut album “Liquor Store” and come back from France where he played a couple of great live shows and his video New Girl is on heavy rotation on both MTV and Trace TV. Now he’s hitting Stockholm with two live performances and will perform his current single “New Girl” (on P3 and P4 rotation in Sweden) and… Read more...

Listen to Teron Beal’s new single!

The swede-loving american Teron Beal is really buzy. Teron, who’ve penned career defining gems for artists from Mya to Jamie Cullum and Micheal Jackson, has not only confirmed the rumors about him written a song to Eurovision Song Contest but is also releasing a… Read more...

Teron Beal presents his video for “New Girl”!


Playground Music proudly presents Teron Beal‘s solo debut album “Liquor Store” which is released in Scandinavia and Europe at the end of September. Teron’s debut album is a hybrid of gospel/R&B melodies and phrasing poignantly juxtaposed with distorted rock guitar riffs and swishing percussion as Teron candidly examines his thoughts and feelings. Musical diversity is a documented strength of Teron’s, having already penned career-defining gems for… Read more...