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I’m Kingfisher Touring UK in September!

I’m Kingfisher (aka Thomas Jonsson) will return to the UK for a new tour.
His critically acclaimed album “Arctic” is released and distributed via Essential Music & Marketing. Good Lizard Media who work with web promotion and are marketing are now on board working with the album for the tour. Read more...

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Discover The Sound Of Sweden with Playground Music’s stunning new compilation!

Playground Music proudly presents the first in a series of compilations entitled, Discover The Sound Of Sweden, featuring some of the best Swedish music you’ve never heard! It contains 20 of the freshest and catchiest songs around with tracks from Read more...

I’m Kingfisher in Latvia!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s I’m Kingfisher doing a small tour of Latvia. Although his album has been out in Sweden for only a few months, Arctic has garnered multiple appraisals from major Swedish press and reviewers, soon to be released in other territories in February. I’m Kingfisher has been busy in Latvia promoting his latest conceptual album, performing a 4-song set on… Read more...

Playground TV: Interview with I'm Kingfisher about his album Arctic

Interview with I’m Kingfisher about his album Arctic


I’m Kingfisher sat down with us at a lovely little café in Stockholm and explained which topics motivated him to record his album Artic. He then performed the song “Feline Funeral” from that very record with Elina Johansson from Dear Euphoria.


Exclusive Video Premiere: I’m Kingfisher – Willing Night Plants

[pro-player type=mp4 image=”http://blogs.playgroundmusic.com/images/Exclusive-Video-Premiere-Im-Kingfisher.jpg”]http://blogs.playgroundmusic.com/videos/Im_Kingfisher_Willing_Night_Plans.mp4[/pro-player]

I’m Kingfisher didn’t want to do a poor lip-sync rock star video, posing in front of the camera with a guitar, and chose a different path instead. Playground is pleased to present the quite strange but wonderful result. See the video to Willing Night Plants for 24 hours exclusively at our blog!

“My idea about the video was to not make it look like concert footage