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Linkoban is here to show you the power of pop by bringing an alternate universe that dares to be cute with her next fun- fuelled single “Popgun Track.” Produced by Yo Akim, this is an animated thrill ride built for everyone.

The track opens with a bouncy rolling beat and Linkoban comes out the gate inviting all to join the party. But remember, it’s her party so you’re going to have to follow along as she leads with chants and anthems that are perfectly partnered with a thumping bass. Makes for a danceable, manic track sure to be heard all summer.

“Popgun track” is the first single from Linkoban’s coming debut album, Ox, which will be out in May.

Keep your ears peeled for massive remixes in the next coming weeks. In the mean time – check out her awsome video that’s already out for ‘Popgun Track’! Read more...

Follow Him to the End of the Desert feat. Oil My Member

Enough Blood Single Cover

This is how rap artist Follow Him To the End of the Desert describes his new single “Enough Blood” feat. Oil My Member:

“A song about performance anxiety. About not being enough. In my mind I heard my good friend Oil My Member’s voice over… Read more...

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LINKOBAN – Super Into On It
Linkoban is a new, strong rap talent. Her first single “Like This” came out earlier this year, and next week she’ll be on stage at this year’s Roskilde Festival. Linkoban combines raw energy and psychological warfare, both lyrically and performance wise. She started writing music during her stay in London, and this quickly developed into full scale music making. Upon returning to Copenhagen, she contacted Lucy Love and producer Yo Akim, who were both immediately convinced. Read more...