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Great review in Jambase.com for I’m Kingfisher

I’m Kingfisher following the conclusion of his tour as support to Damien Jurado in Scandinavia, just received a great review in Jamebase.com  website by Dennis Cook who has reviewed all of Thomas Jonsson’s previous albums. Read more...

I’m Kingfisher filmed live for French site Le Cargo


While on tour with Damien Jurado the day of the Stockholm show the French music site Le Cargo took a moment to film the city on a great sunny day and filmed I’m Kingfisher performing accoustically his latest single “Smile With Your 1000 Teeth”.

I’m Kingfisher heads of this month for shows in the UK including a festival in Wales.… Read more...

Guest Blogger: I’m Kingfisher – ‘Smile With Your 1000 Teeth’ video premiere!

Smile With Your 1000 Teeth‘ is first and foremost my personal favorite track from Artic. It’s also probably the song I’ve done the most times live. Guitar and vocals were recorded at my producer Carl Edlom’s home, together in one take and Carl later added the organ solo. Read more...

Playground TV: Interview with I'm Kingfisher about his album Arctic

Interview with I’m Kingfisher about his album Arctic


I’m Kingfisher sat down with us at a lovely little café in Stockholm and explained which topics motivated him to record his album Artic. He then performed the song “Feline Funeral” from that very record with Elina Johansson from Dear Euphoria.