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On Monday february 18th everyone who has access to a computer will be able to enjoy the beautiful voice and performance of Australian native Sarah Blasko at a live concert on Youtube. The actual concert will be held in Sydney Opera House but thanks to modern technology we too have a chance to watch the show straight from our living room.

We suggest you make space in your calender right away for 11 am (CET) – the only thing you will need is a computer, something to eat and perhaps someone to share it with.

The link for streaming: https://www.youtube.com/liveatthehouse

Simian Ghost Gets Loads Of Love From England!

Simian Ghost from Gävle, signed to Playground Music Scandinavia and Playground Music Publishing early 2011. Shortly after the band were licensed to Heist Or Hit Records in the UK and released the EP “Lovelorn” and re-released their first album “Infinite Traffic Everywhere”. The English press is now showing them loads of love. Check out a couple of quotes… Read more...

BBC Introducing… Mandorla!!


Mandorla have been featured on BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson! The programme ‘Fresh On The Net’ showcases the best Read more...

New single from The Soft Eyes!


The new single by The Soft Eyes, Young Adult, is a short autobiographical snapshot of Johan Sigerud‘s young adulthood when had just moved to Stockholm from his hometown Sundsvall in northern Sweden. He then spent the days writing beatnick poetry and pop songs, feeding himself at cheap falafel stands, feeling free and confused.

It was in the end of the 90’s and it was by that time he… Read more...