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Simian Ghost have arrived at an important stage in their career.
Their third album is done, and it is a masterpiece of 18 tracks, stretching out over no less than 62 minutes of beautiful music. You could, if you want to, divide the songs on the album in three groups. You have the lush, sweet, bright, airy pop tunes like the first single ”A Million Shining Colours” and the second single ”Echoes of Songs”, with their Brian Wilson-esque chord changes and harmonies. Very catchy and likable.
Then you have the slightly more experimental bits full of sounds sampled from the real world, like the near eight minute epos ”The River Ouse”, or the stunning title track ”The Veil” which closes the album with almost Pink Floyd-like atmosphere, ending with a good 40+ seconds of ocean waves. And then there are the more upbeat tracks with a very modern sync Read more...

Great review in Jambase.com for I’m Kingfisher

I’m Kingfisher following the conclusion of his tour as support to Damien Jurado in Scandinavia, just received a great review in Jamebase.com  website by Dennis Cook who has reviewed all of Thomas Jonsson’s previous albums. Read more...